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Set List

Speakeasy play in a number of formats from a 4-piece up to 9-piece. The larger band features a bigger brass section including Trumpet, Trombone and Tenor Saxophone, also a female vocal and percussion to compliment and give an extra dynamic to the evening's entertainment. The flexible format is  dependent on requirements and can be as flexible as you need for your event. 

Doug Quinn - Vocal
John Meares - Keys, Backing Vocal
Dave Patrick - Guitar, Backing Vocal
Stuart Ellerker - Saxophone, Backing Vocal
Nathan Dawe - Bass, Backing Vocal
Robbie McCarthy - Drums
Dan Burges
- Bass, Backing Vocal
Greg Finch - Jazz Flute
Simon Burges - Vocal
Greg Finch - Jazz Flute

Speakeasy Jazz Quartet

Speakeasy are also able to provide a Jazz Quartet with a set especially tailored towards softer, background music - ideal for weddings where a little scene setting is required. 

P.A. and Lighting Equipment

The band is able to supply a PA and lighting with any booking. Hire covers standard sound rig and monitoring equipment suitable for most venue types. For a larger venue or bigger audience P.A. requirements may differ - Speakeasy will be happy to discuss these requirements with you should you have any worries or concerns.

DJ & Decks

Speakeasy are able to supply a professional D.J. also with a great selection of party tunes to suit. However, if you have any specific leanings we can change the mix to suit - it's important that you get the music you want! The DJ will usually comprise of at least 2-3 hours outside the band.